Aajaao Ram is Aajaao Ram is a song dedicated to the historical Hindu heritage "Ram Janmabhoomi Ayodhya". This song has been composed by Sufi Parveen. Regarding this song, Sufi says, "I have just put the truth in this song. The discrimination we have been facing for years by other negative ideologies. I have expressed outrage at that. There is a secular alliance in India consisting of Muslim, Christian, Naxalite, Maoist and Atheist. Who keeps on interfering in Hindu culture on the coming day. And this alliance has been interfering with Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi for years. I consider this alliance a negative ideology. Because these people think against nature. They do not have compassion. These people do not like any part of nature except themselves. This alliance has been killing animals and birds for years. I appeal to people of all communities to support nature to advance the creation. Do not discriminate against anyone. I appeal to the Muslim society that the Namaz can never be performed on the land of possession. Please stop interfering in our faith. I appeal to the Christian society not to become obsessed like Abdullah in a Begani Shaadi. I respect the great men of all society. Whether it is "Jesus" or "Imam Hussain Saheb" ...Similarly, please all of you also respect "Lord Shri Ram", "Lord Shri Krishna". And those who are advising to open a school or hospital on "Shri Ram Janmabhoomi" should do great work by first breaking down their plush house and building a hospital there. ... Jai Shri Ram 🚩

~ Jai Shri Ram ~