Sufi Parveen is a Bharatiya musician (Singer, Songwriter, Music Composer, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Music Distributor). His first song "Menu Vichora Mere Sajna Da", which was released in 2014. 

His latest songs "Hinduraag" (2020). 

He write and sings Hindi, Braj bhasha, Urdu, Punjabi languages . 

His music is a combination of world classical, Indian classical, Fusion, Rock, Traditional. Qawwali is the main style of their music.

He is an Bharatiya independent Artist, and he makes music for the whole World. He believes that there is no boundary to his music. 

Sufi's own Record label " Theme Music International " It is founded in December, 2013. 

I am Mr. Sufi 

I'm singing songs from the age of 3 years. Especially the elderly people and school teachers liked my songs very much. The encouragement of the people made me a musician. 

I am independent Artist and my own Record label but I support to all others Record label .

All musicians, Record label's, Music stores and Music lovers my family .


I am from the family of Lord Shri Krishna Yadav... That is why I consider myself a messenger of peace. I support goodness. I respect humans, animals, birds, trees, rivers, mountain. I treat everyone as equal. ... And i worship them. i am pure vegetarian. 

                                                                              ~~  THANK YOU WORLD  ~~

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