Sufi Parveen is an Indian Indian composer, singer, songwriter, music producer and music distributor. He writes and sings songs in Hindi, Braj Bhasha, Urdu, and Punjabi language. His music is a combination of world classical, Indian classical, romantic, folk, fusion, rock, hip-hop, traditional. Energy is his main style of music. He is an Indian independent artist. Sufi has its own record labels known as Theme Music International and Hinduraag . Sufi's first release song is 'Menu Vichora Mere Sajna Da' from Vichora 2014.

My Journey

I'm singing songs from the age of 3 years. Especially the elderly people and school teachers liked my songs very much. The encouragement of the people made me a musician. 

I am independent Artist and my own Record label but I support to all others Record label .

All musicians, Record label's, Music stores and Music lovers my family . 

My Ideology

I am very positive person. I am a clear-sighted person. I believe in solutions, not problems. I support goodness, truth, positive. I am an open hearted, jolly, lovesick, honest person. The blessings of elders are always with me. I am a very hard working person. I am completely dedicated to the Positive World, Nature, Nation and Music.

I like to see birds flying in the sky, not in a cage. I am very fond of planting trees. I respect all community's, humans, animals, birds, trees, rivers, mountain. I treat everyone as equal. And i worship them.

I am pure vegetarian. My isht dev Lord Shri Krishna and I belong to Yadav family.

My karma Music, My Dharma Sanatan, my religion Vaishnava Hindu. 

My Education

I am 8th class Pass but Nothing is impossible for Me. I don't believe in Rattamar studies. I believe in Moral education, Natural education, Musical education and Positive education. I like home study for Knowledge. I constantly study more around music. (music making / music marketing / music selling - distribution...e. t. c ...).

I study based on my needs... God has gifted me many Arts. So, since childhood, my focus has been on those Arts. Education does not mean achieving degree's. Knowledge is the real Education.

I believe in the nexus of skill and education.  



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