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Bachcha Bachcha Ram Hai
10 - 9 - 2021
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Bachcha Bachcha Ram HaiSufi Parveen
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Bachcha Bachcha Ram Hai is a Hindu Nationalism single song. written by great poet Dr. Hargovind Singh Ji and Composed, performed and produced by Sufi Parveen. This song is based on the Hindu Nation Bharat's original culture. This song gives the real introduction of Hindu Nation Bharat (India). The song has been released by Hinduraag on 24 September 2021. This original song was written by Dr. Hargovind Singh Ji in the 60s - 70s. After that it became the prayer of the Bharat's nationalist schools. This song correctly describes Hindu Nation, Hindutva and Hindutva's ideology. Sufi Parveen has dedicated this song to the whole world on behalf of her first teacher Shri Shailendra Chauhan Ji as a wonderful philosophy of Bharat.

Shri Shailendra Chauhan Ji inspired Sufi Parveen to become a musician. And Sufi Parveen made that positive encouragement the goal. Shri Shailendra Chauhan Ji is a great Swayamsevak as a school teacher. Sufi Parveen's mostly teachers belong to Sangh Parivar.  🚩

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