The First Age of Love - Audio Cover - Su
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12 November 2016
World Fusion, Jazz, Instrumental
6 ( Six )
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The First Age of Love

The First Age of Love is a soulful Music is Composed by Sufi Parveen it is such a valuable music that u will able to connect through your good times of life and may be also fall in love for someone. This music also will give you a pleasure felling a romantic will be able to find the love ages of starting and ending.


The fell of the music is just unconditional. This music also gives a felling of falling apart with each other and also will give u times to patch up. This music will take u to the journey of your lifetime with your loved one. This is just completely instrumental played by me to get u in the felling of love. The main instruments are Violin , Piano , Sitar , Finger Snapping , Clap , Drum. This music is available on all Leading Digital Stores.  


The artist in the cover page we are giving special thanksss to them for the cover page their names are Utkarsh - Mansi. They are very talented students not gf bf just friends but seeing them act their cuteness reveals .